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Finding the right balance with acupuncture and massage

As an acupuncturist and massage therapist offering various different massage techniques in Finchley, I am very privileged to work with other health and wellbeing champions, Anne Iarchy and Lorraine Rustein. Anne Iarchy has her focus on weight loss, nutrition and wellbeing through adopting a healthy lifestyle. She also has an online portal called “Slimmer U

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Pregnancy and post natal massage

Are you pregnant or post natal? If yes to either, you would know the impact on your body. By and large it is one of the most natural but difficult and can be an exhausting journey into motherhood. Not only on the body but the emotions play a huge part as well. I was on

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Massage for relaxation and combating pain

Another week and another interesting reflection. Over the last week, I have been doing more Massage, specifically Manual lymphatic drainage ( MLD), Sports and Remedial, Deep Tissue and, not to forget, Myofascial release. Comments during and after massage seem to be,” I did not realise how stiff I get during the winter.” “I feel so

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Benefits of massage

I routinely ask my patients as to why they need a massage and reason they come for repeats. Below is a list of the most common reasons, along with some research which I have found to back these up. 1. We are not really designed for sitting Massage counteracts all that sitting we do. The

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