Introducing physiotherapy

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Introducing physiotherapy to Holistic Health and Healing


As an acupuncturist, tuina massage therapist and a sports massage and remedial therapist, I tend to see patients who need help with pain relief on a regular basis.

Pain as most of us have experienced in some form or another can be of various types, stemming from different causes. No two backaches or knee pains are the same, and the same applies to migraines, headaches, shoulders etc. Pain can be acute, chronic, or acute on chronic.

Sometimes more is needed than acupuncture and massage and that is where Rushabh, our resident physiotherapist comes in.  His expertise is working with pain management and specialises in musculoskeletal conditions.  His tag line is “My aim is not to only get you better but ‘better than before!”

I have been working with Rushabh for the past year and he has done wonders for my patients.  I had no hesitation in bringing him to Holistic Health and Healing to complement our existing services.

He is an asset to the clinic. Not only does he have a vision to help with biomechanics of the body, but he gives exercises and self help techniques to achieve optimum health and wellbeing. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

You can find out more about Rushabh here.

To make an appointment, or to find out more about physiotherapy please call us on 0800 093 7615.

We look forward to hearing from you.