What my patients say

I am a solicitor and often face situations that require focus and concentration. I commenced acupuncture treatment with Monica in and it has had a positive effect on my life both at work and at home. My stress levels are now controlled. My blood pressure and breathing is normal and I tend to look at stressful situations in a different context. A further breakthrough was for hayfever so bad that I had to take time off work. I had 4 treatments and the symptoms dissolved… I would recommend Monica, [she] is professional, considerate and always kept a note of my progress and was able to cross reference previous weeks and monitor my condition.

XA, Winchmore Hill

I would like to give a special thanks to Monica for helping me change my health, which has lead to a better lifestyle.

Dr JM, Finchley

I have had 10 weeks free of any migraines and have got my life back!

AD - 37 year-old mother of two

I have been to regular acupuncture therapy for five years and find it very beneficial. When I first started I had been in constant facial pain for over three months, which no medicines could seem to cure. After the first acupuncture session I was free of 80% pain and following a few more, I was pain free. My health has generally improved and my energy levels are kept high. Recently I experienced a trapped nerve in my spine, which caused pain and numbness down to my knee. Acupuncture cured the pain and numbness over a few visits.

FG, Barnet

I see Monica for massage to loosen the tightness in my leg and foot caused by stage three osteoarthritis, and to relieve tension in my neck and shoulders.

Monica has strong hands; she has a gift for using them with a technical knowledge of how the body works combined with an intuitive understanding of how the client is experiencing pain. These skills make her the ideal professional for my conditions and I shall continue visiting her for treatment.

Louise, Finchley Central

I do not believe in alternative therapies. But I do believe in anything that works. So after many weeks of agony caused by a vertebra pressing on my sciatic nerve, I decided to go for acupuncture at Holistic Health and Healing clinic, recommended by my daughter. After only two sessions, combined with stretching floor exercises, morning and evening, the pain started to ease and now, two months later, I am almost completely free of pain and I can again walk briskly as I did all my life, without having to stop and rest every 10 minutes. The moral? Some things work even if you don’t believe in them.


I am a nervous student and get stressed very easily. That is the cause of my migraine. Since I have been having acupuncture with Monica, I not only feel less stressed and anxious, my migraines have improved tremendously.

20 year old student

I have been seeing Monica for Tui na for the last 4 years on a regular basis. I find it useful to improve my circulation and help the pain in my aching heavy legs.

RZ, Hendon

At the age of 22 I was told by a doctor at a hospital that my promising career of being a HR professional was over. I was diagnosed with a trapped ulna nerve in my right arm, which resulted in swelling to my arm, intense shooting pains and I lost all movement in my hand. Due to over reliance and strain in my left arm, over time resulted in limited use of both my arms. I had just started a new job and was obviously very distressed to have to give it up. So desperate was I to try to turn this around, I spent many months seeing a private physio. However with no avail. I then had a number of treatments on the NHS but still there was no improvement in my condition. I was told that the only option left was to have an operation that was 20% succesful and could have irreversible consequences. I then turned to alternative medicines where I was recommended Monica. Monica used a variety of techniques over 3 months and was able to advise on ways to improve my general health to prevent this problem from reoccurring. During that 3 months I saw dramatic changes. Initially the swelling started to come down and the pain began to subside. I was soon able to start using my arms and my hands. This was a great triumph emotionally and physically for me. It meant that I was able to get my life back on track from opening a bag of crisps to getting a great job! I really do have Monica to thank for this and would strongly recommend her to anyone!

Carly, Finchley

Monica has been my acupuncturist for a long time. What keeps me coming back is her professionalism and her ability to connect intuitively with her clients’ needs. Acupuncture has been a life saviour for me where orthodox and other alternative treatments have failed my constant back and shoulder pain. It has helped energised me when my energy level has been low. Coupled with Moxabustion it can promote a deeply relaxed state, release deep tension in the body and allow the body to heal in its own time. Sometimes all it takes are 2 or 3 sessions to relieve weeks of pain and discomfort.

M-Y – Healer, Finchley