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Holistic Health & Healing Offer A Range Of Massage Treatments in North Finchley

It is well known that massage is a therapeutic treatment that has many beneficial outcomes in the treatment of muscle pain, stress, and anxiety, injury to the musculoskeletal system as well as being very relaxing and enjoyable.

At Holistic Health & Healing we have trained extensively in a range of different and complementary techniques to ensure the right treatment for you.

Know Your Preferred Massage Technique? Choose One

An Overview Of Massage Techniques Available at Holistic Healing & Health

Tui na massage is a branch of Chinese medicine that has developed over centuries, and several styles or schools have evolved along the way. Tui na massage practitioners learn many different techniques and will generally combine the two main styles – yin and yang.

Tui Na Massage
Manual Lymphatic Drainage

It may sound rather medical, but manual lymphatic drainage, or MLD, is actually a very delicate form of massage. It was developed in the 1930s, and since then has been used to improve metabolism, help eliminate waste and boost the immune system.

Myofascial Release is a gentle massage therapy that involves applying sustained pressure to the fascia. Fascia tissue wraps our muscles, bones, nerves and organs, and runs in an uninterrupted web from the top of the head to the tips of the toes.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage helps the body achieve health and vitality by strengthening the body’s resistance to disease, improves circulation, muscular relaxation and joint flexibility.

Sports and remedial massage uses a range of therapeutic techniques to prevent and treat injuries, and to maintain and improve fitness. It works on the entire body, particularly the neuromuscular and circulatory systems.

Sports and Remedial Massage
Swedish Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish deep tissue massage therapy involves the manipulation of the muscles and other soft tissues of the body, often with varying pressure and movement, at a deeper level than a standard relaxation massage.


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