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Women's Menstruation And Pre-Menstrual Symptoms Can Be Very Challenging

At Holistic Health & Healing we understand that some women experience a variety of concerns regarding their monthly menstruation cycle. No two women’s issues are the same, so it is helpful to speak with us to see how we can help you improve a challenging monthly cycle.

Acupuncture is well known to safely and effectively aid women’s menstrual health, across a number of different areas. 

Acupuncture For Premenstrual Symptoms

In the run up to a your period, you may experience one or many of the following symptoms:

  • Backache
  • Breast tenderness
  • Constipation
  • Cramping
  • Headaches
  • Mood changes
  • Tiredness

Many women consider this perfectly normal and expect to suffer each month. However, in Chinese medicine the majority of these symptoms are seen as stagnation in the flow of energy in the body, and acupuncture can produce significant improvements for premenstrual issues by ensuring a smooth flow of energy throughout the cycle.

Acupuncture For Absent Periods

The absence of a period indicates a hormonal imbalance, which can be caused by many different factors. Due to acupuncture’s ability to regulate the central nervous and endocrine systems, it can be used to re-establish the hormonal balance necessary for menstruation.

Acupuncture For Painful Periods

Pain during the menstrual cycle, before, during or after the period, is an extremely common condition. As with all conditions, acupuncture attempts to find the cause of this pain in order to produce long lasting results. Many patients find that in treating painful periods, they also get a substantial improvement in premenstrual signs.

Acupuncture For Heavy Periods

A heavy menstrual flow can leave you feeling exhausted, but acupuncture can be used to reduce the menstrual flow and associated symptoms. Heavy bleeding can also be linked to conditions such as fibroids or endometriosis and therefore appropriate testing and treatment may be required. A thorough Chinese medical diagnosis can establish the cause of the excessive bleeding and provide a long lasting solution.

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