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Massage for relaxation and combating pain

Another week and another interesting reflection. Over the last week, I have been doing more Massage, specifically Manual lymphatic drainage ( MLD), Sports and Remedial, Deep Tissue and, not to forget, Myofascial release. Comments during and after massage seem to be,” I did not realise how stiff I get during the winter.” “I feel so

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Spring into action – with acupuncture and sports massage

Acupuncture and Massage helps the transition into Spring…the spring in the step! The transition from the recuperative, long and hopefully rested and hibernated winter can bring out the ready to go, geared up spring in our step once spring is upon us. It seems the case in the last few weeks. There are more smiling

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BackCare Awareness Week 2013- Mind your back!

Literally so to speak! Today’s write up is inspired by this week being dedicated to The BackCare Awareness Week 2013 especially for carers. In the borough of Barnet, we have a large elderly population without doubt. My next-door neighbour is now in her 90’s. As an Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist, I see carers on a

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Acupuncture for treating tennis elbow

My blog for this week is about a particular type of pain, tennis elbow. You don’t have to play tennis to suffer from tennis elbow that I can tell you for sure! I have treated various different age groups with this condition in the last 12 years of practice. Tennis elbow is considered an overload

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Acupuncture for treating headaches

Acupuncture is great for pain relief and is well known for it. People always associate needles to help pain of various sorts. I shall focus on headaches this week, as I treated a lot of them last week! They say there is a pill for every ill. One of the more natural way of relieving

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Benefits of massage

I routinely ask my patients as to why they need a massage and reason they come for repeats. Below is a list of the most common reasons, along with some research which I have found to back these up. 1. We are not really designed for sitting Massage counteracts all that sitting we do. The

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Acupuncture, our success with backache and fertility

At Holistic Health & Healing we are pleased to be of help for a vast number of conditions, the most common being aches and pains and to assist fertility. Acupuncture as a natural pill-less treatment is known to be of great benefit for pain relief and we see it work time and again. As recent

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