Embracing Autumn

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Embracing Autumn

Where has this year gone? Says me, a mother of a toddler and a part time practitioner. Needless to say there is so much to juggle that it is hard to keep up with the days especially during the summer holidays.

With my little one in nursery, I now have more space to do more hours at work rather than just the evenings and weekends which I have been doing for the last year or so.

With Keira my daughter, I find myself doing more outdoor time and glad she loves looking for birds and doggies who seem to make her day! Much to my dismay and a conscious note about cleaning her shoes and stained trousers, it is an absolute delight to see her jump into a pile of leaves and hear the crackling sounds that she so loves! The air is fresher as summer is definitely behind us and great way to get exercise as well as oxygen from green spaces we visit. The change in the colour of the leaves and trees are beautiful and being outdoor is a blessing for the soul, a season to embrace and cherish every year.

From a practitioner’s point of view, Chinese Medicine, it is a time to build up immunity and prepare for winter. It is the time to strengthen the lungs and large intestine channels and help cope with sadness and grief we may have to deal with and not suppress. It is Time to be courageous and deal with “stuff” and loss which we often brush under the carpet.

Time to eat cooked and warmer foods by baking with spice like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and bayleaves. Nothing like a cosy evening with a hot stew! Root vegetables are recommended to nourish the body.

We do sometimes struggle with our immunity, coughs and colds. Acupuncture is great to boost the system and allow us to look forward to a healthier winter. Treatments are also useful to unravel emotions and help in the process of letting go and moving forwards.