Finding balance with acupuncture

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Finding balance with acupuncture


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Finding balance with acupuncture

Is this time of year all so overwhelming? Do you feel you are juggling too many balls at once?

Are you tired? If you are trying to achieve balance and equilibrium especially this time of year, you have come to the right place.

At North London Acupuncture, may it be one of the many massages or Acupuncture sessions, I can help. You may want to come to the Clinic in Finchley or request a home visit in Whetstone, Barnet, Golders Green, Hamsptead, East Finchley or Muswell Hill, it can be arranged.

Winter in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is the time to take stock, reflect and a time for stillness.

Christmas is the perfect time of year in that respect for many of us, where it can be quite hectic leading up to it, but also peaceful between then and the New Year.

It is when we reflect on the year and make new plans and resolutions, set goals and targets for the up and coming year.  So that is the taking stock and reflecting time.

What about stillness? This quote by Deepak Chopra is apt this time of year:-

“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.”

Balance is when all works amicably in life, almost like clockwork and all aspects are covered. It is not uncommon to see more activity than rest everywhere I go, and the patients I see. There is more “Doing” than “Being”. As the saying goes, we are human beings, than Human doings!

Keeping the stillness inside of you whilst there is so much going on can be challenging and that is where the acupuncture needles help in finding that stillness and calm within ourselves. Despite all around us, we can still cope and get on with life and its doings. That is when we know we have made it! Despite everything around us, we are okay. But we all need help time and again. It is okay to ask for it.

A single mother of two primary school girls, who has thyroid and other ailments, was amazed at how her weekly acupuncture sessions just keep her going.  She finds the sessions very relaxing and rejuvenating setting her up for the week. It keeps her ticking and in “balance”.

So if it is a home visit you are after for a relaxing, rejuvenating therapeutic massage or acupuncture, do call me on 07956 262416.


If you would like to try either acupuncture or massage I do have an offer where when you book for 6 sessions, you get one free. I work in Finchley and do home visits in the surrounding areas, like Whetstone, Barnet, Mill Hill, Hendon, Hampstead and Winchmore Hill.