Winter Embrace

Vijay Daswani News

The bare leaves and dull skies are here to stay for a few months. We are aware of the short and cold days and the lovely feeling of wrapping up warm and cosy as much as possible. Hats, gloves and scarves are all lovely festive presents sometimes greatly received at this time!

Winter is a time when we naturally do less and rest more; the time for hibernation. Life revolves around balance and keeping all in an even keel as much as possible on a daily basis during this season. We are also almost pleased to have the extra days off that with the end of the year, rest and reflection along with the goals and looking forward to the New Year. We do make plans and almost look forward to new beginnings or continuation of endeavours we may have started the year before.

We do look forward to the days off and with it need some support to get a pick me up, to help relax at this time if we have been on the go so to speak and help to unwind.

It is a perfect time to book in a massage or acupuncture to assist with optimising well being and nourishing “self”.  We know that when we look after our bodies, our bodies will look after us. If we have the neck or shoulder that hurts, the body that is tired, the mind is thinking too much, why not try to get some treatments to support ourselves or support a friend or loved on to feel relaxed and rested and ready for the New Year.

I offer a wide range of treatments and a choice of treatments tailor made to suit you.

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